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Smore - Why You Won't Succeed by Just Taking Some Penile Growth Pills

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Smore - Why You Won't Succeed by Just Taking Some Penile Growth Pills

Wished you could grow your penis bigger and sexually stronger, just by taking penile growth pills daily? I hate to be blunt but you are possibly just wasting your money and time! Many men before you have tried and spent hundreds of dollars on growth supplement pills, but did not even see a little increase in size to their precious manhood. So before you take out your credit card to pay for that latest, popular growth pill, dig out these truths about them!

No doubts about it, one of the most popular ways amongst men to enhance their manhood is by relying on these growth pills that are vastly marketed out there. The reason is clear - it is none the easier than to just pop a pill or two each day down your throat, and wait for the magic to happen. But the magical size increase NEVER happens! And many men end up wasting their precious money just like that.

There are 3 clear reasons why you should stay far away from these overrated products. Firstly is in its ineffectiveness in bringing about any benefit to your penis. While most other supplements carry with them the approval by the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) to certify that it has been tested and proven to work, NONE of the growth pills out there are stamped with the FDA approval!

Why is that so? Quite obviously these products do not work at all! Or else they would have easily gotten the certification by the FDA and simultaneously giving assurance to their potential consumers out there.

Secondly, and quite possibly the most important reason for you to avoid consuming these pills is in the health risk associated with them. The other reason why the FDA has never approved any growth supplement selling today is because of they are notoriously known to be 'unclean'.

Multiple lab reports have shown most of these products are actually tainted with toxic content such as pesticides, bacteria, and even feces! Little wonder why numbers of men reported being sick and encounter unwanted side effects after consuming these pills.

Lastly, growth supplement products are generally not cheap. Each bottled supply may cost you less than $50. But remember... pill manufacturers claim in order to achieve a significant result, you would need to continuously consume these pills daily. Over time that would cost you hundreds of dollars - without seeing any improvement in your penis size!

Instead of relying on some unproven product that would only waste your money, stick to the scientifically proven way of exercising your penis daily. You only require your own hand to perform the exercises each morning. And when even medical professionals recommend their patients to start exercising their manhood to grow it bigger, I think it is best you start doing so too!

So if you are troubled by your small penis size, I urge you to start today by doing the simple penis enlarging exercises https://www.smore.com/kj4cw-2015-s-best-penis-enlargement-pills]. I did so a few months back, and it worked fantastically for me.

I personally followed the PenileSecrets.net [2015's Best Penis Enlargement Pills - Smore] training program, and have grown from an embarrassing 5.1" to a proud 6.7" in just 6 weeks!

You definitely can too - so get cracking today!